Monday, September 5, 2011

A few days after the flood in Paterson, New Jersey

Hearing that the President would be touring Paterson, N. J. this past Sunday, I drove over to get a few photos of the city the day before.

I was too late to see the devastation. I think most of the downtown streets were drained by the time I got there but the Paterson Great Falls was quite a view.

Here's a comparison, the falls on September 7, 2010;

And what the view looked like on September 2, 2011;

A big difference between what I saw walking to the bridge last year;

And last week;

A short and pretty dull video of the view from there;

Looking downriver from the bridge, then;

And now;

I like the little tree that is hanging in there.

The view from the bridge on September 7, 2010;

A video from the bridge on Saturday;

Walking down to the best viewing area last week;

This was last year's view;

And quick shot before my camera got soaked on Saturday.

There was a great deal of spray in the air.

So Sunday must have been like a trip to Niagara Falls for Barack Obama.

And those are the views from Paterson, N.J.

Have a nice day.

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